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Training the Subconscious

The human brain has to work hard just to keep the body functioning. Among many other things, it has to beat our heart, regulate hunger levels, and remind us to breathe. And it does it all without us even having to “think” about it. It just happens automatically. It is the cognitive machinery we are built on - our subconscious.

Our conscious minds are quite limited.  We can only hold five to nine pieces of information in our conscious minds at once and we are terrible at multi-tasking, so we have to do most things automatically.

Sometimes, we can consciously override our subconscious.  We may not be able to stop ourselves from experiencing fear, but we can often override the temptation to run from it.  We also can override our subconscious and decide not to breathe. But it’s hard, and you’ll eventually give up and gasp for air. You know how people often decide to diet and succeed for a while, but then break down and eat cookies? They’re attempting to simply override their subconscious and it really doesn’t work that well in the long run.

Luckily, we can instead train our subconscious using hypnosis.  When the dieter gets out of his own way and explains the consequences of eating cookies to his subconscious, then he can realize that he really doesn’t want to eat them.  He’ll then notice that he doesn’t even crave the cookies at all anymore and he’ll start to automatically say “no thanks” to cookies without even thinking about it.

When we train our subconscious, we can influence things that we can’t directly override. Someone that is afraid to fly can train away the fear itself - and not just override the subconscious wishes to not board.