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Skype Sessions

While our automated computer programs are effective at solving a wide range of problems, we understand that certain issues are more complicated and require a personalized approach to achieve lasting results. That is why we also offer the option to schedule one-on-one hypnosis sessions using Skype. By conversing with you in real time, we'll be able to immediately deal with any issues that arise and we'll be able to tailor the techniques used for your specific problem.

The Skype Sessions are all set at a cost of $150 for a one hour session. The session must be paid for ahead of time using PayPal. If you have a concrete condition for success, and are motivated to reach your goal, then we can negotiate a fixed price that you will only pay once you have confirmed that your goal was achieved.

When you are ready to schedule a session, just send us an e-mail with a very brief description of the goal that you would like to achieve with hypnosis and when you are available to Skype. We will reply back as soon as possible with further details about how to prepare for your session and ensure that it successful.